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 We help our students become skilled welders. Griffin’s Industrial Welding School (GIWS) is dedicated to teaching students the trade of welding through a unique curriculum that specializes in one on one training. Our training will allow graduates to achieve entry level and advanced positions that utilize the skills and techniques learned in welding.  We are dedicated to the motto “Hard work comes before success.”
Griffin Industrial Welding School is the best academy for future journeyman welders. Our Internal Stragegy is to build a relationship with the community and work towards increasing our human resources. GIWS's affordable program prices will benefit students that might not be able to afford to attend other colleges or Welding Schools that are more expensive. Our uniquely designed curriculum will benefit students that wish to go directly into the field of welding. Our nightclasses will also benefit students that do not have the time to attend classes during the day.
Griffin Industrial began with flying colors. Its curriculum is already loaded with helpful welding theories, as well as other practices that can help future welders secure their careers. Apart from creating a solid foundation for all welding students, Griffin Industrial will also help graduates secure jobs from outstanding companies in the industry. 

Once you've enrolled in Griffin Industrial, you'll be amazed with our professional teaching methods, aside from the competitive welding strategies that we teach in every class. Most of our classes also have hands-on training to further improve the way you learn the skill. Griffin Industrial instructors will also teach you how to understand welding theories down to the core, providing the baseline for your career. Once you understand these theories, you can approach any project with an objective eye and you can also resolve the task with surprising accuracy. Other welding schools are only concerned with basic parts of the skill and they rarely go out of their way to teach a little bit of extra in their classes.

If you're looking for accelerated welding classes in Houston, Texas, Griffin Industrial can help you out. We have a wide spectrum of target students - from high school students to drop-out youth, there are tons of awaiting possibilities. The cost of our full semester is also competitive. For a great price you can complete the full welding course and be off on your way towards your new career. We are also considerate in payments; our main focus is your learning and overall success in the future. 

Enroll in Griffin Industrial Welding School LLC today - your success awaits you!

Our business hours are Monday - Thursday 6PM - 9PM, feel free to call us at: 281-782-9713 or send us an email at: griffinweldingschool@yahoo.com