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Griffin Industrial Welding School can give you a meaningful welding career for the years to come. Griffin Industrial is the Premiere Welding School for you. Not only will you learn to become an exceptional welder through 3 different processes, you will get hands on training with a Record-Setting !
Intro to SMAW, GMAW, and FCAW
Sheiled Metal Arc Welding on Carbon Steel Plates - 8 Weeks
Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG) on Carbon Steel Plates - 2 Weeks
Flux Core Arc Welding on Carbon Steel Plates - 2 Weeks

Classes start January 2nd

​Open House Rescheduled for Saturday Sept. 16th 2017 from 11am to 6pm

​   Need a place to pratice?  $50 hourly fee to come out and practice stick welding until classes start.

First 30 Minutes of every class will be in the classroom covering safety, intro to blueprints, basic welding termonogly 

Classes start Jan. 2nd
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​281 782 9713
12 Week Course
Monday - Thursday
 (6PM - 9PM)
Become a Certified Welder
Learn 3 different processes
Hands On & Book Training
Job Placement Opportunities
Here at Griffin Industrial, we take pride in our teaching methods. Some of our graduates became highly in-demand in the welding industry, and they're on their way to building their careers. We understand the competition level of welding schools in Texas, so we keep on improving our services for all of our students. We also ensure that all of our classes have a hands-on advantage so that our students can perform well in their craft.

Here is the scope of our teaching services:

- Comprehensive welding certification course: Our welding certification course can pave the way for your journeyman path. The course contains various welding strategies and theories that can solidify your career. As you become a well-paid professional, you'll definitely use everything you've learned in our course.

- Hands-on classes: With our hands-on classes, you will be frequently challenged. Our instructors will guide you accordingly and they will ensure that you can apply all welding theories accordingly.

- Official job placement assistance: Once you have completed the course, the journey has just begun. But we won't leave you hanging! We'll offer job placement assistance and consultancy so that you can secure the best jobs in the welding industry. 

- Direct apprenticeship for all students: Griffin Industrial also offers apprenticeship for all students. Once the apprenticeship is successful, the students will gain a tremendous advantage for their careers.

- Creative welding projects: How can you practice your welding creativity if you're just stuck in rigid classes? The solution is to give you welding projects that you can work on. With these projects, you can apply the theories that you've learned.

If you're looking for welding certification in Houston Texas, Griffin Industrial Welding School is the primary, long-term solution. Contact us today at 281-782-713 and let's discuss how we can set you on your path towards securing your new career!
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